What is Gate510?

Gate510 is a New World of Creative Space for the art, tech, and maker communities.

Gate510 is a 24-acre East Bay property transformed into art, tech, maker hub offering unique opportunities for today’s creative-commerce class.

What does Gate510 offer?

Gate510 Fuses art and commerce in 1,000 – 10,000 square foot spaces

Today, Gate510 goes beyond the concept of “commercial building” to meld commerce and creativity for 21st century movers and shakers: artists, technologists, and makers. Proud of its 1940s labor roots as a Plymouth manufacturing plant, Gate510 is currently offering unique spaces from 1,000-10,000 square feet — factory-raw, office-finished, and build-to-suit. Building amenities abound, including ultra-fast fiber cable throughout, collaborative kitchens, and a central square designed to promote tenant-curated events, community gatherings, and commerce, in addition to the purposefully-designed private spaces where passionate people pursue their daily work.

Where is Gate510 located?

Gate510 is ideally situated, close to Oakland International Airport and the 880 freeway for easy access to Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose.

That age-old real estate maxim of “location, location, location” still holds true today. Located on the flip side of San Leandro’s Westgate Center, already anchored by a Home Depot and Office Depot, Gate510 provides tenants with cost-effective, steps-away accessibility to the tools and supply chain requirements for their varied trades.

Who are the tenants leading the endorsement of Gate510?

Some of those already in on the action and doing remarkable work at Gate510 include:


Andrew Johnstone. From restoring gothic cathedrals and palaces in Europe, to becoming the design artist of the The Man at Burning Man, Andrew now shares his world-reknowned mastery of woodgraining, marbling, and trompe l’oeil in small-group, five- day courses beginning April 5, 2014, exclusively at Gate510. www.adjohnstone.com and http://architecturalartsguild.com

bEEcHARGE!!! Alameda County’s Public Defender Supervisor Dave Klaus, who leads bEEcHARGE!!! on and off the Burning Man playa, says, “Thanks to the vision and thoughtful renovation of Gate510, our community has found a home where we can connect with other artists, makers and new technologies and find new and better ways to create. We have the space, the tools, and the relationships for building our large-scale art projects. ” www.beecharge.com

Psychic Taxi. Tres Fontaine & Jack Allen’s latest creation was the Divine Feminine art project at Burning Man, a 40-foot teepee that becomes the interactive viewer’s “skirt.” Next up? The Divine Masculine, of course. https://www.facebook.com/DivineMasculine2014

Steve Heck. From sculpting 100 pianos into an arch for California Governor Jerry Brown’s inaugurations to creating playable piano towers for the Grateful Dead and Lollapalooza, Heck harmonizes sight, sound, and experience into amazing, one-of-a- kind works of art.

John Baden. John’s pop art-inspired designs transform a variety of surfaces: walls, floors, ceilings, screens, signs, and even furniture. His work has been featured in shops and clubs in San Francisco as well as in magazines and on TV. www.badendesigns.com


Type A Machines. Guided by CEO Espen Silvertsen, Type A’s Series 1 3D printer was named best-in-class by Make: Magazine! www.typeamachines.com

Devolver Digital Films. Andie Grace, VP of Acquisitions & Head Cheerleader, can be found at The Gate, where the optical fiber network extends her reach to connect with and promote independent filmmakers worldwide, and to stay in touch with her partners at Devolver Digital, an Austin, Texas team of industry veterans and pioneers purveying fine digital entertainment wares including video games and indie films. http://www.devolverdigital.com/

Phase Space. Led by CEO Tracy McSheery, PhaseSpace is the industry’s price performance leader for motion tracking and position sensing, streamlining animation for broadcast and game development. PhaseSpace systems make the most of The Gate’s optical fiber network, speeding vast amounts of data around the globe. http://www.phasespace.com/


Drake’s Brewing. Passionately producing innovative craft beers for almost a quarter-of- a-century, the brewery now also has a hopping tasting room and retail store at Gate510. http://drinkdrakes.com

Lazer Racing. Led by Marty Lewis for over 30 years, Lazer Racing specializes in building custom, state-of-the-art race frames for winning riders at all levels of competition: amateur, vintage, and pro. http://lazerracing.com/

O2 Treehouse. With a mission to inspire people to more harmlessly co-exist with nature, O2T builds sustainable outdoor structures for private homes, community organizations, and eco-hotels and resorts. http://o2treehouse.com

Destination Dinners. Self-proclaimed “culinary adventurist” Lisa Diamond designs and packages exotic and delicious dinners-in-a-kit, curated with all the right spices along with cultural programming notes. www.destinationdinners.com

Verbena. Coupling his mixology expertise and passion for culinary exploration, San Francisco bartender Bret Sylvester now serves up seasonal infusions made with fresh, local produce and quality botanicals. http://drinkverbena.com

Bay Area Advanced Manufacturers. BAAM is a coalition of 3D Printing related companies and services working together to create a seamless idea-to-object experience. By sharing market insights, technology, and network, BAAM members are able to support growth and understanding across the 3DP industry, as well as make it easier for customers and users to take advantage of 3D products and services.

What are people saying about Gate510?

At press launch February 14, 2014, Gate510 garnered 149 distinct press placements across the nation, 30 million distinct impressions, over three times the typical coverage. Financial, Real Estate, Art, Tech – all broadcast the news. Most recent press releases garnered the cover of CNET and Yahoo, on the day before TechCrunch, garnering 2.5 billion page views and counting. To view recent press coverage, visit http://thegate510.com/recent-press/